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Buyback Tough

Are you looking to buy a newer Toughbook model but not sure what to do with the older model you have? Well you're in luck! Now you can simply send us your older Toughbook for credit towards a new or a refurbished model. Simply fill up the form below for instructions on where to send your laptop, or for any questions regarding the Buyback Tough program.


What models do you accept?
We accept any business-rugged or fully-rugged laptop or tablet made by Panasonic.

How much do I get for my older Toughbook?
The trade-in value starts at $50 and is capped at $1,200 per unit, depending on the condition, age and configuration/specifications.

How soon can I get a final assessment for my trade-in?
Within 1-2 business days from receiving your laptop. We have dedicated technicians who will promptly examine the unit and report back to our sales with their findings and valuation of the unit. Once we have the technician's assessment, we will contact you with an offer.

Can I just get cash instead of store credit?
Yes and no. If your laptop can be restored to its original state by restoring the operating system and/or replacing defective parts then we will be more than happy to offer you cash for your laptop. The amount depends on age of the laptop, model, configuration and cosmetic condition.

How much time do I have to decide on what to buy with my store credit?
There is no time limit on your store credit. You can make your purchase at any time.

What if I didn't like your valuation?
In the event you do not agree with the trade-in value for your unit we will gladly send it back to you free of charge, no questions asked. But we are confident that we will offer you a fair value for your laptop. So far less than 1% of our customers have declined our trade-in offers!

If I agree with the trade-in value, am I limited to certain models that I can buy using my store credit?
No. You can pick any model with any configuration that we have in stock.

What f I only need Toughbook parts?
You can select any item in our store to buy using your store credit.

What if the cost of the item I am buying from your store is below the trade-in value (store credit)?
Whatever is leftover after applying your store credit will remain there indefinitely and you can use it any time towards any purchase you make on our website.

Can I return the item I bought using my store credit if I didn't like it?
Regardless of your method of payment, every item we sell here comes with our standard 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. Any store credit used towards buying this item will be restored back and you can use it again for your next purchase.


Please provide your name, email address, phone number and description of the laptop(s) you are interested in trading for store credit. One of our representative will be in touch with you shortly with instructions on how to proceed